How to Install iOS 13 Beta 1 (MacOS)

Welcome! We’re going to go on an adventure together. A couple of features I really hoped Apple brought to my iPad and iPhone today, in fact came to my iPad and iPhone today at WWDC19. Those two features were Dark Mode throughout iOS and mouse support for my iPad. I got 100% of my wish in Dark Mode, and like 80…ish?% of mouse support on my iPad.

Let’s just go after it, shall we? For the time being, this is exclusively a tutorial for MacOS. You will need a special package from the new Xcode 11 beta in order for this to work. You can either download and install Xcode or use a special package from a guy on twitter. I chose the guy on twitter. The good news it worked.

Download this:

After you install that, restart your computer.

Next you’ll want to swing over to

Scroll down to the iPhone, iPad, Watch etc. section and find the iPhone section and select your IPSW file.

You will be prompted to Google Drive – YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY – in the top right hand corner of the screen you should see a Google Drive “Add to Drive” button, select that. **You may have to try a few times**

After it has successfully been added to your drive, go to and find the file.

Right Click the file, and “make a copy.”

From there, right click the copy, and download that file.
Save it to your Desktop.

Now, open iTunes.
Find the devices section and open the corresponding section.

From there, you need to find the “Backups” area.
Check “This Computer” – then “Back up Now”

Once the back up completes, you should look to your keyboard, find the “option-alt” button, 2 buttons to the left of your spacebar. Press that button and do not let go.

Now, use your mouse to select “Check for Update.”

Lastly, select the IPSW that you saved to your desktop. The iPhone will extract and restart. Once completed, you will be successfully on iOS 13.